Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Step Down

Due to technical issues, all the posts before this that are labelled by Calli, are actually by me. This one is also actually by me, but it should now have my by line.

Because the place where the dogs are and where Calli will get her training is in Quebec, we had two choices, the first was to get her a passport and the second, because we live in a state that borders Canada is the option for an Enhanced ID Card.

We ended up deciding on the Enhanced ID card because it will be more useful in day to day life. She'll never have a driver's license, so this will be her version of that. It was actually pretty funny, it took us 5, yes 5, trips to the Secretary of State office to try to figure out what papers they actually wanted.

For most, this is not a big issue, but for Calli whose paperwork is in Mandarin, it's a bit goofy. On the 5th trip, a wonderful woman figured out that if we got her a regular ID we could simply use her certificate of citizenship and use the two pieces to get her Enhanced ID.

 Today her regular ID showed up and we shot off to the Secretary of State's office and arrived with seconds to spare. There we were able to apply for the enhanced one quickly, and it should now allow Calli to cross the border back into the US easily.

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