Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The beginnings

We have had an interesting past 3 days, at least for us. Acer has been only tolerating this trip because he has a new wonderful toy.----- We started out on Sunday, and drove to Toronto. I have cousins and friends there and we had arranged to spend the night at my Cousin Ian's house. It was very nice, really, about the first time I've spent much time with him as he's older and we've always lived hours apart. Ian coped well with the young person invasion, and Acer managed to not break any of the artworks.----- Monday we left and headed out towards Mira. Going though Montreal was very odd, we missed a turn fairly early and had to figure out where we were supposed to by from the odd and inaccurate maps given us by the provincial information center. We made it through though and ended up at the hotel, in Ste Hyacinthe, the slightly larger town to the East of Ste Madelaine which is too small to have hotels. Our hotel was odd, there was no elevator to the 2nd floor, and we had to walk a long way around to get to our room because the front desk didn't seem to realize they could give us driving directions to a door/set of stairs right near our room. There was a play structure in the Hotel though, so that was a bonus.----- Today we drove the short distance to Mira QC, where Calli will be until the 27th. We met up with the other kids, and three of their families and got the kids settled in. there are the three kids we met earlier in North Carolina, when we went down for the assessment weekend, and then there were three others from QC and ONT. There were two older boys, about 16 or 17, to go with Preston, also 17, and an 18 year old girl who is getting a guide dog who is also trained to help with her wheel chair. Tessa must have really good Orientation skills because they said they'd only ever had 3 other people with that sort of combination. I think she must be pretty special. There is one other girl, Maddy, who is 14, Calli met her at the evaluation in April. Also from the April evaluation, is Max, the youngest, he's either just turned or is turning 11, his mom will also be staying with him because he's so young. The dorm is nice, but only holds 10. The girls are in the upper floor of the dorm, the boys on the lower.---- I'll post pictures once we get back home! more later Heather


  1. Cali, I am sooo excited for you! I really hope you enjoy this journey! I look forward to hearing more about it.
    McKenna's mom :)

  2. I am so glad Calli is settled in and that she has arrived safely. I hope for a safe trip for the rest of you home!