Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Update

Please put Q in your prayers tonight as he didn't do any doo today. This is generally not a good thing, dogs are usually very regular, you feed them, and half an hour later, dog business happens. She said he was very distracted, veering, and smelling a lot (which is not good) ----- Today for breakfast she had eggs, and raspberries. Evidently there are raspberry bushes at Mira, so she enjoyed fresh ones.---- Lunch was soup, ham sandwiches, with fresh cherries, raspberries, and ice cream for dessert.--- Dinner was soup, beef patty, baked potato and peas with fudgcicles for dessert.--- Today she walked around the mall, with the trainer communicating only by walkie talkie. They worked on escalator travel too. She said she can give a command that Q finds the escalator takes her there and then rests on the metal approach part. She'll then give the forward command. at the end of the escalator, she also give a command, to make sure the dog is moving and doesn't get a toenail caught.---- She'll still work hard this weekend, they have a half day on Saturday and then time off and time off Sunday, but her job is to bond with the dog. Mira is so good at what they do that they won't let an unbonded/unsafe pair leave together.

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