Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday July 19

Calli has been working hard with Q, she says they do a route where she has to cross multiple 6 lane roads, and that she's becoming more and more comfortable with their skills at it together. Evidently the route is a big loop with 3 street crossings at either end and a McDonalds somewhere along it. The dogs' foster families have been coming for a final visit with dogs and their partners, and that has been good but tough. The dogs are happy to see their people again, and then a bit confused, the people are happy and proud and sad all at the same time, and the kids get some of that too. So far there have been two families come, with another scheduled for Friday. Calli has been learning to play computer monopoly on her iPhone, so we'll look into getting a board at home. It's not one of my favorite games, so I've not bought one for the kids yet. For breakfast she had eggs, I told her with the amount of walking she's doing, she needs the protein! Noodles Steak and vegetables for lunch, and corn dogs, hamburgers, and french fries for dinner. She say breakfast is at 7, Dog care is at 8 and they're out on the road at 8:30 every morning. Today I learned that the kids are learned a different sort of technique that I expected, dealing with the dog balking at an obstacle. We bought Calli a folding Cane and a holster to carry it in, but they are also taught a cane free method, that they're still practicing. Very practical I thought.

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  1. I love monopoly!!!! It is one of my favorite games of all time!!!!! I will play it with Calli anytime!!!!! I have star wars monopoly and disney monopoly and mickey mouse monopoly!