Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6

Calli got her dog today, as you can see in the pictures. She got a lovely Bernese Mtn Dog, the smallest one I've ever seen. She is supposed to be a really good listener, and even walks Calli's speed.----- S. (dog name withheld until I get permission to post it) is really smart too, and has already learned Calli's place in the Dining room and where Calli's room is.----- Calli's day started with eggs as usual, and then they headed out to get their assigned guide dogs. I've been on tenderhooks waiting to hear the news, and was really glad to be able to see pictures even if I wasn't able to talk directly to Calli until about 3 this afternoon.----- They worked with their very own dogs most of the day, learning corrective techniques, and corrective commands in French. Things that need to be corrected are as big as missing the curb and as small as looking the wrong way when they are turning. They need to be corrected a certain way, and to use certain words and motions at that time. Calli will be working on these almost as much as working with the dog on navigating, so that they continue to work as a team.----- Calli is loving the food there, for lunch they had soup, noodles with sauce, Italian meatballs and chocolate pudding for dessert. We rarely have dessert after meals at all, and now, she gets two desserts a day!----- Here is a link to Guide Dog Etiquette, for when you meet Calli or another person with a guide dog.

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  1. thanks for the link for the guide dog etiquette. It will help when I meet her and when the students meet her.