Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not a perfect partnership - this one should be just fine.

So, Calli and Shelly are not partners any more. While they worked hard together, Shelly just wasn't doing things she needed to do, and wasn't listening to Calli as she should have, and perhaps Calli wasn't communicating well. Anyway, Mira doesn't let a bad partnership go, they work to find the right one. Calli now has a new partner 'Q'. He's a black lab a bit bigger than Shelly was, and he seems to work better with her already. Q, to me sounds like a really good match for her, and for our household. For one thing, he has a plant name, like all of our family and pets do, for another, he's a male, and our two female dogs will probably accept him a bit better. We're also very close to the Leader Dogs school, and they use a lot of labs, so people will assume he's a 'Proper' guide dog (you know how people get a picture in their brain about they way they think things should be around here, guide dogs are German Shepherds or Labs. I was enjoying the thought of Shelly looking so different, and introducing them to a new thought). Also, we like to go camping on an island, and as you most likely know, Labs Love Water!----- Calli's report She's still tired, they're walking around a lot and she goes to bed pretty early. She had bacon for breakfast; noodles, carrots, and chicken for lunch and Steak with French Fries for dinner.---- Sorry I don't have pictures!----- I can't wait to see this large dark and handsome male in Calli's life.

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