Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spoke with MM this evening, she said that this was the first time she had to pick up "dog business," and that it was difficult.

Focus doesn't come as quickly to our child as it might to some, so this is her push time.  She know that she needs to focus on her relationship with her dog, and that it is the most important thing for her now.

Today's meals (lunch and dinner, I was cut off before we got to breakfast) were chicken and rice for lunch, with cupcake dessert, and crud I cannot remember what she said for dinner, except it started with vegetable noodle soup, and ended with ice cream.  Since the changing of the dog, her socialization time has been cut down, and the work has gotten more difficult.  Today, she said they did a restaurant route, and that was tough.

We are hoping to get more pictures back from people up there, so there will be more when they arrive.

Also, she was told that Eric St. Pierre received a medal from the government of Quebec, she wasn't sure what it was, but it was one of the highest honors that the government would bestow.


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