Monday, July 9, 2012


Calli's phone died and she was REALLY tired when she finally called so I let Acer talk to her. He really misses her, and hadn't gotten to talk to her for a couple days as she was calling so late. She said that she'd been out all day, and had eaten and showered and that was about it, she hadn't had time for piano practice or anything. Acer was satisfied, as at this stage his phone calls are mainly about him talking to you, not so much you talking to him.----- We got 3 new Photos of Calli and S. today and I found out a bit of super information. In the first photo, Calli's posture is slumped, she looks exhausted or mad. So I found out that Mira has an ergonomic specialist on staff to work with correct positioning and posture with the dogs, and that the Orientation and mobility specialist was very good at correcting posture.
Here is Calli in the dining room. Tessa is across from her and Preston is beside her. Doesn't S look very alert, intelligent, and beautiful?
Here are Calli and S on the first day. Another picture that shows the loveliness of S, and how Calli needs a clip in her hair. Guess what I'm bringing with me this next trip?

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