Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Report on Calli's First full day

I'm sorry, but the Paragraphs I put in as I type seem to be disappearing when I post. I need to do some research on this to figure out why. Just got off the phone with Calli and she told me about her day, sounds like a good one!----- She got up a little earlier than normal, at 6 AM instead of the 6:45 that she does for school. Breakfast sounded yummy, with eggs and croissants to fuel her for the morning. After that they worked with a puppy in training, helping get it used to people and different situations like visiting a store.----- They headed off to the kennels next, where the dogs in training stay, and worked on basic commands for the dogs. The commands are in French, so if you meet Calli's dog and it doesn't listen, it's not supposed to!----- After the kennel they broke up into pairs and one held a harness, and one held the handle as they approximated guide dog following. Calli said they called this 'The Blind Leading the Blind'----- Lunch was yummy again, with a beef, broccoli and rice combo and a brownie for afters. Sounds like Calli will not be in danger of starving by any means!----- Next they were excited to head back to the kennels, where they worked with different dogs. Calli was paired up with a girl dog first, but SuperCalli was too fast for her. (My mental picture is of Calli hauling the guide dog around by the handle, not letting the dog guide her) She was paired up with a male dog named Winch next (I think it was Winch, that is at least my version of Calli's version of the name that I'm sure was said to her with a French accent) Winch was a better match for her as far as speed goes, so she was happier, and actually remembered his name, where she forgot the girl dog's name.----- My soup loving girl was happy at dinner, they had soup, chicken, french fries, and she had a brownie for dessert. She chose the brownie because she thought the rice crispie treats would be too sticky for her braces. I was glad to hear that she was thinking and making good choices on her own!----- We made it home about 6:30, after a long hot day in the car. The air conditioning wasn't working well in when the temps were all the way up to 102! Acer was really very good for the whole trip despite the fact that it was very long and pretty boring for him. He did get two new (to him) toys to help keep him busy, and with protest he took a nap every day in the car, but he's really a homebody. He was so happy to be home after 4 days away. He's also extremely happy to be home with his blanket, as I forgot to pack his travel blanket to help him feel a bit more comfortable. All for now, will post pictures soon!

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