Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5th!

Still no guide dog assignment today :( We're having a hard time waiting here, it must really be hard for Calli!------ Eggs again for breakfast today, while I'm sure they served more than eggs, she only ate eggs. I think she ate them super fast too, because she said she had to wait around for a long time before she went out with the group.----- They headed off to the kennels and worked with dogs all day, they worked Calli with 3 different dogs with different results. All the kids have a set of Harness, collar, and leash that is their own, they put it on each dog as they work with it.----- Duff was her first dog to work with; he was alright, but he didn't walk very fast. She was then switched to another dog.----- Coraile was her next dog, and she was not well behaved with Calli. While Calli was working with her, she actually chewed Calli's harness!----- Lunch was pork with zuccini and mashed potatos and chocolate creame pie for dessert.---- Calli's last dog was Shelly. She was a better match, but seems to have thought that the curbs around were just gentle suggestions. Calli had to work with her to remind her to behave properly. At least Shelly's speed and other behavior seemed to be okay, and she didn't chew on Calli's harness!---- Calli hasn't been doing her goalball practice exercise, but says she will again. I think she thought she could stop if she wanted to, but I remeinded her that tryouts were coming up and she was not guaranteed a sport on the team. Hoping she doesn't skimp and try to not do them again!

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